EPABX Solutions for Master Butchers Co-operative LTD

MBL Food Service case study for Telefirm

By : Sarah
July 2016
MBL Food Service, SA

Customer :
MBL Food Service
Food & Beverage, Hospitality
Solution Provider:
Telefirm Pty Ltd
Challenge :
Improvement in Mobile & PABX Capabilities.

Solution/ Technology offered
Mobile, Epabx Solutions


MBL Food Service is a division of Master Butchers Co-operative LTD and is a leader in packaging, food ingredients, protective clothing and equipment supplies. We specialise in supplying the butchery, bakery, seafood, food manufacturing and hospitality industries and also welcome the public to buy online. To augment their mobile and Epabx service capabilities, MBL approached Telefirm for a solution. Telefirm was able to assess their requirements and offer technology solutions to strengthen their Mobile and Epabx capabilities.

About MBL Food Services

Master Butchers Co-operative Ltd, (commonly known throughout the trade as MBL), was formed as a Co-operative in 1905 by South Australian Butchers to service the Meat Industry in a variety of operations. It remains as a Co-operative, registered under the Co-operatives Act (1997). Members consist of retail and wholesale butchers, supermarkets, smallgoods manufacturers, abattoir operators, boning room operators, and seafood and poultry manufacturers and retailers mainly in South Australia, Northern Territory & Western Victoria
MBL is HACCP Certified and the registration covers the Food Safety Management System for the blending and packaging of dry ingredients and the sale and distribution of prepared ingredients for consumables to the Food Industry.
MBL Food Service is a division of Master Butchers Co-operative Ltd. and is a leader in packaging, food ingredients and equipment supplies to the food industry. MBL Food Service aims to provide innovative, high quality and cost effective product solutions to your food business by sourcing the best products available locally and overseas, developing collective buying power strategies, and having a dedicated team of industry experts whose knowledge is available to help you grow your business. MBL supplies the butchery, bakery, seafood, food manufacturing and hospitality industries in South Australia and the Northern Territory. MBL Food Service also welcomes the Australian public to shop online for all home cooking, sausage making and domestic food production and packaging needs.
MBL Machinery division supplies an extensive range of food processing equipment and machinery specialising in butchers' machinery. MBL also stocks a wide range of domestic butchers' machinery. MBL's after sales service is second to none including warranty assistance and a huge range of parts and accessories for our products either stocked or available to order. MBL Proteins recycle a wide range of food industry waste by way of collection and processing of by-products such as fat, bones and mixed abattoir material from our members in two modern environmentally sound plants, at Wingfield and Keith in South Australia. MBL Proteins produces meat meal, bone meal, blood meal, duck meal, poultry meal, poultry tallow, feather meal and tallow which is sold on the local and export markets.
Review of the existing processes was also required to ensure they were in tandem with the demand. Delayed communication can cause delayed projects, hence it was important to review the internal communication methods. Plugins and add-ons were also in need of updation to ensure optimal responses. Requirement was also felt for improving the telephonic communication process like automatic call-back, transferring of calls, con-calls, on-hold music, IVR and features like DND.
The experts at Telefirm conducted a round of evaluatory discussions with all the stakeholders and charted a list of best possible telephony solutions. An Epabx solution was implemented with multi extensions and calling to enable seamless call transfer and call holding. The call traffic pattern was analysed to effectively plan the management of calls during peak and off peak hours.
MBL is open for wholesale food industry businesses in South Australia and the Northern Territory. Businesses can apply for an account online or calling MBL to discuss further requirements. MBL Foods have made it possible for the public and any other business Australia wide to use the website to purchase goods from MBL. Users can also place telephone orders with the call centre as well. Telefirm provided the best support and maintenance for PABX telephone system. The electronic private automatic branch exchange equipment which was installed made the day-to-day working at MBL very simple and prompt. With an extensive experience in offering high quality PABX maintenance solutions to small, medium and large enterprises, the main aim was to ensure complete peace of mind for the staff with limited downtime.

Results, Outcome & Benefits

The new internal PABX system allowed the staff to co-ordinate and process the customer queries in an effective manner. The response time was cut to half, as the communication was now faster. As the queries were being handled at a faster pace, the customer satisfaction rate was tremendously enhanced. As the employees had to handle hundreds of orders daily, having the robust communication systems in place meant fewer crashes or interruptions. With an effective backup system the scope of customer dis-satisfaction was completely eliminated.
The results were out within a few weeks of implementing the overhaul. A growing business meant additional need for searching and retrieving information and documents for answering queries, instructing vendors and internal processes. The optimized mobile and EPABX system meant the communication was flawless.
An improved organizational information flow meant efficient staff and happier customers. This converted to improvement in customer feedbacks and reviews. The new epabx system tremendously helped in reducing the pressure on customer care team, as they had more control over the conversations and communication was now fast and easy. The introduction of improved technology solutions improved the efficiency and effectiveness of processes as well as led to faster turn around time. About Telefirm
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