Email archiving

Get control and manage your email storage efficiently

Your employees are sending and receiving hundreds of emails a day and most of them are too important to delete.

But you haven't got around to installing an effective archiving system, meaning mailboxes are overflowing and your mail servers are under huge strain.

Making things worse, your business is struggling to comply with data retention policies and your employees might be deleting important emails.

There is a growing need to search electronic information for many reasons including: internal audits, HR requests, compliance supervision, and litigation. So how do you plan on ensuring your company's emails are easily searchable, should you need them urgently?

If your business is struggling to keep up with email mailbox limits to store your emails for reference and compliance reasons, Symantec Enterprise can help make life easier.

Symantec Enterprise provides a cloud-based archiving service that will reduce the strain on your mail servers and give you peace of mind by ensuring that your email data is safe and secure. And, while your internal and external emails are safely archived into the cloud, you'll still have rapid, on-demand access to emails whenever you need.

Symantec Enterprise will help boost your business by:

Making email storage easy: Your IT staff will be able to remove quotas from users' mailboxes and provide archives that can easily be searched through Outlook or a web browser.
Improving email compliance: It allows your business to set email retention policies, provides optional supervision and review capabilities, and makes it easy to implement legal holds.
Improving server performance: Your business will always have virus protection and it will always be up-to-date, even when staff members are working remotely.
Affordable protection:You can shrink backup and recovery times by storing information in the archive and expiring messages on the mail server.
Reducing costs: It's easy to implement and it removes the need for hardware, software or client plug-ins.

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