Cloud-based protection against spam, viruses and more

How do you make sure confidential information in emails remains confidential?

Relying on privacy guidelines is a risk; especially when increasing numbers of employees are working remotely and using BYOD.

You need to minimise the risk of information leaks which means you need protection that offers detailed checks and balances for incoming and outgoing information.® Safeguard services offers a range of industry-leading, cloud-based email and web security applications.

Depending on which safeguard service you choose, it will help protect your business from email and web viruses, malware, misuse, spam, and/or inappropriate content.

Help your organisation to get:

Internet level protection: No need to pay out for additional on-premises hardware and software.
A safely monitored business network: Users can only access appropriate websites.
Reduced risk: Symantec services help mitigate against damaging data loss.
Predictable costs: Budget ahead with a monthly subscription.

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