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You're a small business but you have big ideas and meeting the peaks and troughs of demand with a 'virtual workforce' is one of them.

That means, when work comes in, you need to share documents, track and process information such as order forms securely with workers who may be at home on a laptop, or on the go with a tablet.

It's a great idea, but you're also basically the IT guy and you haven't got time to manage things as they are, let alone do it alone.

So imagine sharing and collaborating via state-of-the-art cloud technology, controlled by you to suit your business' needs.

Our Virtual Servers are also reliable and secure, so the pressure isn't on you to maintain them or deal with ageing hardware that is always letting you down.

Our Virtual Servers allow you to:

quickly deploy server resources for new projects, or address your IT needs and scale up and down as required
choose from multiple processing and memory configurations, as well as pre-defined operating system templates
use a self-service management console for online purchase, management and reporting
securely access your business systems on the go
adopt competitive monthly plans or pay-as-you-go with no contracts or installation fees.

Using shared, secure and industry-leading infrastructure, we install the required operating system while you configure and utilise the range of applications on offer, or bring your own.

Our Cloud Services management console gives you the ability to buy, view, create and manage your virtual servers, which you can then access via an online portal.

On top of that, we maintain and regularly refresh the infrastructure – located in Australian and global data centres – so you can enjoy consistently high performance. Plus our range of easy-to-use monthly or pay-as-you-go plans gives you the storage and security you need without the upfront capital expenditure.


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